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Assists students to stay engaged with learning.

Schools are able to offer a diverse range of subjects and activities.

Helps teaching staff stay aware of trends across a range of industries.

• Students attend & assist in your business for one week (35 hours)
• It is unpaid & students are insured by the Department of Education, Catholic Education Office or the Independent School which they attend
• It’s like work experience & is compulsory for Years 11 & 12 students & directly relates to their Vocational Education & Training (VET) course
• Students put into practice the skills they’ve learnt in the classroom
• Your future workforce gets to try a career before they decide

In 2018, Workplace Learning organised 3,343 placements with a week of industry skills training directly related to the HSC course the students studied. Once again, Hospitality (40% of placements) and Construction (22%) were the most highly sought-after placements. Metal & Engineering, Business Services, Retail and Electrotechnology were also very significant industries.

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Want help preparing your students for their work placement?

Work Ready Sessions

Workplace Learning can conduct free sessions for students required to undertake work placement as part of their VET course.

Topics covered include:

• Documents required (completion of Student Placement Record, Student Contact Emergency Cards & Student Journal)
• Processes to follow for work placement
• How to prepare for work placement and the pre-placement interview
• What to expect in the workplace
• What to do if they have an incident or are unable to attend work placement
• How to take advantage of their work placement opportunity
• Answer specific questions or concerns regarding work placement

To organise a work ready session for your class, please contact your School-Business Partnership Manager.

Assisting young people to make a better future