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Students get an idea of industry and are mentored by staff and tradespeople.

Looks great on resumes & references for students.

Student received industry qualification at completion of HSC.

Workplacement may lead to a job with the host employer.

• Students attend & assist in a business for one week (35 hours)
• It is unpaid & students are insured by the Department of Education, Catholic Education Office or the Independent School which they attend
• It’s like work experience & is compulsory for Years 11 & 12 students & directly relates to their Vocational Education & Training (VET) course
• Students put into practice the skills they’ve learnt in the classroom
• Your future workforce gets to try a career before they decide

In 2018, Workplace Learning organised 3,343 placements with a week of industry skills training directly related to the HSC course the students studied. Once again, Hospitality (40% of placements) and Construction (22%) were the most highly sought-after placements. Metal & Engineering, Business Services, Retail and Electrotechnology were also very significant industries.

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